Another great production

Music Man’s four-day run thrill audiences


This year’s musical production of The Music Man was absolutely wonderful.

The actors, performers, orchestra, stage crew, and everyone who helped to make sets did an amazing job.

Juniors Revel Southwell and Amanda Albright were outstanding with their dancing and powerful singing voices.

The play itself was very funny and entertaining. It was full of energy, life, and it was easy to see that everyone involved was having a good time.

The choreography was well done and the dancers out did themselves.

Some of the best parts, were when senior Emily Estright leading her dance group and Emily’s comments/facial expressions throughout the play and when junior Luke Hollingshead set off a firecracker.

The audience was laughing and clapping almost the entire time. This year’s play was a big hit.

Ms. Hull put together an overall outstanding show with the help of others. Mr. Bower would’ve been proud of the performance put on for those three nights.

Congratulations to every person who was involved in the production of The Music Man.