New to BA: Class Messenger


Tierra Mahute

The new Class Messenger system will allow parents and students to receive school messages through several outlets, including texts messages.

Myranda Mamat, Staff Writer

For students who find school work to be messy and hard to remember, Class Messenger is here to help you!

This year teachers are now able to inform you about upcoming tests, quizzes and assignments through Class Messenger, an online tool that aids in communication between school and home. According to High School Principal Mr. Schreier it is to be used to communicate between teachers, parents and students.

“I’m hopeful that it will open up lines of communication between teachers and parents. Class Messenger is a tool  for parents to receive updates from their child’s teacher about upcoming tests and projects or topics covered in class,” he said.

As far as Class Messenger being used in the high school, it is seen as more as a reminder.

“At the high school level, I predict that this tool will be used more by students than by parents,” said Mr. Schreier.

There are other technological tools the school is implementing to communicate more with students and parents.

“One thing we want is for all students and parents to be on Infinite Campus.  That way students can keep track of their grades and assignments on their own and we want to eventually have report cards on there, too,” said Mr. Schreier.

“Another thing is we are updating the web page to make it more user friendly and easier to locate schedules for sports. Lastly, we want to find a way to get students using more technology in school.”