Unsung Hero: Jake Baker

Myers Elementary School 3rd grade student gives back to our veterans


Christina Kowalski

Third grade student Jake Baker

Marissa Panasiti, News and Features Writer

In today’s world, the things we see on the news and in our own lives are generally negative, or just plain terrible. We are informed of the things that we sometimes don’t want to hear, but we see them because they make good news stories.

Good news tends to go unnoticed. Our society needs to spread the positive things that happen in our lives, and put them in the spotlight.

Johanna Heckman, Jake Baker, and Elana Aungst
Christina Kowalski
Johanna Heckman, Jake Baker, and Elana Aungst

One person that deserves an unceasing amount of credit is Myers Elementary School student Jake Baker.

Jake Baker, 9, is a third grade student in Mrs. Bouslough’s room at Myers. Beginning in 2013, he came up with an idea that is changing the lives of many.

Each year beginning on December 1, Jake rounds up approximately 20 of his friends and their family members and makes Christmas cards. Jake decided he wanted to send these cards to war veterans.

“The first year we made 400 cards, the second year we made 700, and our goal this year is 800,” says Jake. They have already made 500 by mid-December.

The first year we made 400 cards, the second year we made 700, and our goal this year is 800.

— Jake Baker

The process is simple: the parents involved buy blank Christmas cards from Barnes and Noble and bring them back to the kids to write “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”

Fellow card-makers Johanna Heckman and Elana Aungst participate in this project for the feeling it gives them.

“We make the cards because we want to help people that don’t have families,” says Johanna.

Elana adds that she enjoys helping people in need.

The remarkable thing about these young kids is that they receive little responses from the veterans, but that’s not what they’re looking for.

“I feel that this project teaches kids how to give back to others,” says Julie Heckman, Johanna’s mother who also participates. “It teaches them the importance of giving instead of always wanting gifts. Giving means sacrificing, and it amazes me that they’re willing to give back at such a young age.”

“It just makes me happy,” says Jake.

Jake Baker is truly a remarkable young man. The BluePrint would like to thank him and every student/parent taking part in this project.

Deeds like this should never go unnoticed, and unsung heroes should be recognized by our community.