Unsung Hero: Mrs. Adams

“Even if we help one person, we’ve saved somebody. You can’t put a price on that, can you?”

This Saturday, September 26th, 2015, is Bellwood’s annual Out of the Darkness Walk. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is the leader in the fight against suicide. With 75 local chapters and events nationwide, it takes a true hero to step up and run one of these famous events. This week, Bellwood’s own Mrs. Adams will have her chance to be a local hero when she shows what she has done to make this year’s walk successful.

Q: Why have you decided to take on the responsibilities of the walk?

There are a number of kids that come to me about suicide, and sometimes they can feel like they have nowhere to go. The walk gives kids an opportunity to be with others that feel the same way. It gives them a chance to be with other people that understand.

Q: What does suicide prevention mean to you?

It means helping others. We need to learn how to see the signs and identify when someone is having a rough time. It just means being able to help save a life.

Q: How successful do you believe this walk will be?

Tremendously successful. Last year, Bellwood-Antis had more walkers than any other school district, and we would like to continue that. There’s a new population of kids that were affected last year that will be attending the walk this year. We hope to make it better than ever.

Q: What was involved in the planning process?

We had to register students online this year, which we’ve never done before. We also had to raise money to donate to the foundation. To do this, we asked the teachers from the high school, middle school, and elementary school to donate $5.00 to wear jeans, and our goal for this was at least $500. We are also selling shoes for Aevidum. Finally, we just had to get students involved and get the word out.

Q: Would you do this again next year?

Absolutely. I would love to do it for as long as I can. Even when I’m not here, I would love to have Aevidum continue this.