Unsung Hero: Xavier Elliot

Underprivileged Phoenix youth donates his time to helping others


Peter Griffin

One Arizona youngster with little money to spare is doing all he can to clothe the less fortunate.

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Ten-year-old Xavier Elliott of Phoenix, AZ, is a truly remarkable human being.

When Xavier was a week old, his family entered into its first of four homeless shelters. Xavier’s father couldn’t keep a long-term job due to PTSD and flashbacks from his experiences Iraq, so the Elliott family had little to no money.

USA Today

When they were finally able to live life on their own, Xavier became extremely interested in his mother Stephanie’s sewing machine.

The amazing thing is, Xavier uses this sewing machine to make clothes for people in need.

When Xavier gets his weekly allowance, he uses his money to buy fabric in order to create items for the less fortunate.

“I’ve been homeless before, and I know it will make them happy,” Xavier said in an interview with PEOPLE magazine.

The mother-son duo is currently working on items for a family in Baltimore who lost everything they had in a fire that left them stranded.

According to interviews from PEOPLE magazine, the mother of a family that is being helped by the Elliot’s says, “They are my guardian angels. It’s people like the Elliots that change the world one person at a time. They’re wonderful-a blessing.”

If you would like to make a donation to Elliot’s campaign, you can check out his Faceboook page at www.facebook.com/ElliottClothesforcharity.