Scholastic Scrimmage team takes first place

Squad goes 11-0 and tops Everett to finish on top


Courtesy photo

The B-A scholastic scrimmage team took first yesterday at the IU-8 headquarters in Altoona. Pictured here are Kenneth Robison, Paulino Cuevas, Owen Shaulis, Nathan Wolfe, Dan Kustaborder, Caden Nagle, and Philip Chamberlain.

Blair Poorman, Staff Writer

Tuesday, Bellwood-Antis’s Scholastic Scrimmage finished its season in the nine-team Blair/Bedford Scholastic Quiz league.

The team was a perfect 9-0 in the regular season and won first place for the league, which encompasses grades 7-10.

“I am very proud of our students.  They were able to be competitive with much larger schools,” said team advisor Mrs. Kathy Taylor.

“I’m glad to know students at B-A can work as team because that’s what it takes to be good at this,” said freshman Daniel Kustaborder.

We were undefeated during the regular matches, and it felt good to be able to finish it out in playoffs.”

— Nathanial Wolfe

B-A faced off against Claysburg, the fourth place team, in a best-of-three match in the first half of the Championship series. Bellwood swept both rounds to go on to face the second place team of Everett in another best of five series.

B-A won the first two rounds, but failed to close it out until the final round in the close 3-2 match.

Kustaborder, Nathaniel Wolfe, and Caden Nagle, all ninth graders, were the highest scorers, answering no less than 31 points each.

“I feel excited that we were able to win at Scholastic Scrimmage. We were undefeated during the regular matches, and it felt good to be able to finish it out in playoffs,” said Nathan Wolfe.

If you don’t know how Scholastic Scrimmage works, here’s the breakdown of what goes on.

Four members of each team are up at one time, with the first ten questions being toss-up buzzer questions between the teams. Afterwards, there are six bonus questions for each individual team with one minute to answer.

This is the end of the round, and the match continues until there is a winner.

B-A improved its record after finishing in fifth place last year, going 11-0 in 2016.

“Scholastic scrimmage brought some pretty good times from being the fifth place the fifth place team last year, to being the first place team was pretty amazing.  The best part, and the part I will miss the most, will probably be Mrs. Burch’s pep talks,” said Caden Nagle.