RESPECT Program to visit Delgrosso’s Park


Makala Doyle

Students will be working at Delgrosso’s at the end of May

With summer right around the corner and the opening of Delgrosso’s Amusement Park this weekend (May 7), the park is always looking for new employees to work throughout the park season. While some people will get hired and then get the training for their job, there is an opportunity for some students to get training during school.

Every year, the RESPECT program takes a group of students from Bellwood-Antis down to Delgrossos’s Amusement Park. Not only do students gain experience from the work force, but it is also supporting a local business and providing them help during school picnics.

The RESPECT program, or Rural Employer & Schools Partnering for Employment & Career Training, provides students with community-based vocational training to help them prepare for the work force. They will gain experience working with a team and learning all of the different tasks of the job. Sometimes, after the training, students may even be employed.

Mr. Stewart will be taking students to the park May 17 through the 20, and then on the 25 and 26.

Fourteen B-A students will be working during the school picnics at the park. They will learn how to make certain foods that the park sells, and they will gain experience working with a team to get the job done.

“It is a really great experience for the students,” Mr Stewart said. “We help train the students, and it will be a great opportunity for the students to get into the work force. It also helps the park out during school picnics.”

This will be a great time to get experience in the work force, and some students will even continue to work at the park all throughout the summer after getting their community base vocational training.

Hunter Kustaborder, who has gone to work at the park before, expressed how excited he was to go back.

“I really like going to the park and working. You have to be careful while working, but it is also really fun,” Hunter said.

All of the students can’t wait to begin their training at the park.