Bautista bombed: in the face


Noah D'Angelo, Staff Writer

UFC or baseball? After a recent brawl broke out in Sunday’s Rangers, Blue Jays game, a lot has been asked of the MLB. What is allowed and what isn’t in baseball?

A pitch thrown to hit Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista on purpose turned into a sketchy slide at second base in which Roughned Odor could’ve gotten seriously injured on. The slide turned into a confrontation between the two which led to a shove and Bautista getting clocked in the jaw.

Bautista took the punch with little to no reaction and stood back up to Odor before being contained by Rangers Adrian Beltre. This then led to a benches clearing brawl where other fights broke out.

Was the intentional pitch the problem or the slide?

The whole thing should not be an issue. This is the best possible thing that could’ve happened for baseball.

America’s pastime, as they call it, allows each athlete to run an average of under 100 yards per game. For any of you that didn’t know, that’s a football field.

Let’s be completely honest, baseball is fantastic to watch in person as are most sports. But on TV, unless it’s crunch time in the playoffs, it’s like watching paint dry, very slowly.

Adding fighting to baseball will add some excitement. In hockey, fights break out often. Maybe even 2-3 times a game a few players will let out their emotions on another and it’s very exciting.

The only difference is that the majority of players in the NHL are Canadians and even though they may bleed a lot, they keep playing.

Baseball players feel a little tightness in their quads and put themselves on the 15-day DL.

America, we have to let OUR pastime be rugged like hockey. We can’t be outdone by a bunch of Canadians.

With everyone getting so soft in sports, baseball had to change its rules of homeplate collisions and even added instant replay. Those were essential parts of the game that made baseball what it is, baseball. With all these rule changes, the committees think they are making sports better but they’re taking away from them.

At the end of the day, baseball should consider adding fighting to its everyday agendum. The sport would then become exciting again, possibly.

A cage could be added to contain the two aggressors and their difficulties could be worked out in there between innings. Even a little game of bloody knuckles would be an improvement. Anything will work.

Baseball is American so by the transitive property, America is baseball. From the words of Trump, we need to “Make baseball great again.”

This incident between Bautista and Odor will last a long time in the media as well as the fan’s eyes.

Odor was banned for 8 games for throwing the punch.

Bautista was left with a hurt face but responded classically, “It takes a bigger guy to take me down.”