Parking passes policy

Principal Mr. Schreier gives parking passes to seniors, and while some are in favor of the system, others are not.

August 31st was an important day for students at Bellwood-Antis High School. It determined whether they would be eligible to receive 1 out of 42 student parking passes.  The parking pass allows students to park in the school’s parking lot for the 2016-2017 school year.

In order to get the parking pass, students had to pay a refundable $10.  As soon as students turn back in their parking tag, they will get their $10 back.

Principal Mr. Richard Schreier believes that the $10 is a good idea because it shows that students actually want their parking pass. Plus, it encourages students to turn their parking passes back in.

“We want the $10 refundable policy. Not that we are trying to make money, but to put some accountability on the people who want passes; to be sure that they really wanted them and they were going to use them. ”

— Principal Schreier

Last year, we had students who did not return parking passes at the end of the year and we also had students take passes because they could and then not use them,” Mr. Schreier said.

Without the parking pass, students have to rely on street parking.  While most students prefer the parking lot,  some students do prefer parking on the street.

Karson Swogger, a senior, chose not to get a parking pass.

“I have always parked on the side street and I find it more convenient.  The parking lot is chaotic at the end of the day. There is more of a chance someone could back into my car. The $10 did not affect my decision at all,” said Karson.

Other students, such as Josh Swope, were thrilled to get their parking pass after parking on the street last year.

“I chose to get a parking pass because it’s convenient to always have a place to park that is also close to the school. It is a huge step up from parking on the street, where you’re never sure if you can find a spot” said senior Josh Swope.

The first day parking passes were made available, seniors got first dibs on them.  Unfortunately for some juniors, all 42 passes went to seniors.

Junior Sidney Patterson is very disappointed that she did not get a parking pass.

“Yes, I am very disappointed because everyone takes my spot and I have nowhere to park,” she explained.

Those who park in the lot without a pass, must do so at his/her own risk.
Jarrett Taneyhill
Those who park in the lot without a pass, must do so at his/her own risk.

Mr. Schreier knows that students who did not get a parking pass will be more against the system.

“The people who didn’t get passes aren’t going to like it. I only opened it up to seniors, and only 42 seniors got passes.  So there were still some seniors that didn’t get passes.”

He is hopeful that students cooperate with the parking pass policy so that it is effective.

“I hope that it works; it is one step we are taking to make progress, but there are no guarantees.  I think it will be better than it was when people followed the first come, first serve rule. There is accountability along with the parking pass because we know who is parking on the school ground, and there are certain rules that go with that,” the principal explained.

At the end of the day ,we will not know how this policy works until the end of the year , but as of now it is running smoothly.