A haunted success!

5th & 6th graders enjoy PTO-sponsored activity


Kami O'Shell

Students dancing at the Haunted Hall event.

To the students in the BAMS, October is all about Halloween and going trick or treating, but that’s not the only thing. On October 29th, the 5th and 6th graders all came together at the school for the Haunted Hall. This halloween themed dance included a lot of fun, scares, and snacks while talking and dancing with friends. Every year students have a blast giving one another a little scare.

This year’s dance was held in the middle school gym from 7-9:00 p.m. Admission was $3.00, but students could purchase a glow stick for an additional $1.00/each. Costumes had to be school appropriate.

The teachers, some students, and other PTO members did their best to put together frightening decorations, crazy contests, and fun song lists that everyone enjoyed. One of the night’s highlights was the costume contest. This is always a fun way for the students to challenge themselves to put together the most creative and scary costumes. Some students received cash prizes for their costumes.

The Haunted Hall was very creatively put together and the PTO moms did a great job decorating. The students had fun dancing, getting a good scare, and eating some really good snack foods. The costumes this year were very creative and awesome too. This year’s dance was amazing and everyone can’t wait for next year!