Say it with a speech

BAMS students compete in several categories


Kami O'Shell

This year’s Speech League Team is looking forward to their competitions.

Speech league is a club in which students can learn to break out of their shell and express themselves. There are plenty of categories that students can choose to participate in, including Drama, Duo, Impromptu, Informative, Persuasive, Poetry and Prose.

Drama is a category where students pick a scene/act from a book, movie, TV show, or a story to perform. Students have to memorize the speech as well. Most dramas have different characters in which the students have different voices and positions that they must perform and do so alone.

Duo is where two students pick a scene or piece that they must memorize. When performing this type of speech, students can have different voices and even different characters. They are required to have motions in their piece to express themselves and their character. The students get to be creative with their piece and choose their voices and motions according to the piece. In this category, participants are not permitted to look at each other or the audience during your speech, but doing so during the intro is allowed.

Impromptu is a category where students do not have to memorize anything. In this category they are given four different options to choose from. Then they are given ten minutes to write down all they can think of on a note card about the topic before they present.

Informative is a category where students get to choose the topic they want to write about.  Informative is very much like an essay, but the purpose is to inform the audience by way of a speech. Students don’t necessarily have to memorize the speech. They can have note cards with them to use, but they will receive more points if they memorize their speech.

Persuasive is a category much like informative. This category is also like writing an essay, but students get to choose the topic and then express themselves and their opinion through their words. Their purpose is to persuade the audience’s perspective on that topic as well.

Poetry is a category in where students select a poem of their choice. The poem does not need to be memorized; however, they have to memorize their intro. Poetry is a bold choice in which students really get to express themselves through their piece, and they can even have different characters like in drama.

Prose is also bold category to choose. This category is very much like poetry, except the students have to memorize the whole piece, which can sometimes be up to 4 or 5 pages long! This is one of the toughest categories to compete in.

Even though being a part of the Speech League Team is a lot of hard work and sometimes very challenging, it is very worthwhile. Not only do students learn, they have a great time while doing so!