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Ms. Roseborough has been coaching at B-A for more than 50 years, but many outside of the track program don’t recognize her contributions to Blue Devil athletics.

Cazen Cowfer, Staff Writer

For 52 years, Ms. Julie Roseborough has been the girls track coach.

She is nearing 450 career victories, and the track at Memorial Stadium was named after her.

A lot goes into coaching track, and Ms. R, as she is affectionately known, does a splendid job at it. Ms. R has also won many awards and honors over the years, but that’s not what the job is about to her.

“I don’t really like all the awards and honors. I just don’t care for them. I’m just a track coach,” she said.

I don’t really like all the awards and honors. I’m just a track coach

— Ms. Roseborough

On March 6, track practices officially began. Ms. R teaches the girls how to run properly, give them exercises, and tell them what to do. Ms. R is the only girls track coach there ever was.

“I continue to love track each year because of the new kids that join. I also enjoy watching the kids grow with talent,” said Ms. R.

Ms. R faces no struggles with the track team, and she said there is no timetable for her to retire from coaching.

“I really enjoy my job, I never have any problems. I plan to keep coaching year by year,” Ms. R said.

Mr. Lovrich, who is the boys track coach, values Ms. R very much.

“Ms. R is very caring. She means a lot to athletic s at Bellwood-Antis,” Mr. Lovrich said. “She’s been a mother to some of the kids she has coached. She always volunteers at things, and she is just amazing. Everybody speaks very highly of her,” said Mr. Lovrich.

BA athletics just would not be the same without Ms. R.