College Corner: Tom Whiteford


Kaelynn Behrens

Tom Whiteford explains his college choices.

Senior Tom Whiteford has committed to WYOTech. He is inolved in FFA and firefighting. He plans to utilize his skills more at this school, which is located in Blairsville.

Check out what he thinks about his upcoming future!

The Blueprint: How many colleges did you apply to?

Tom: Two.

The Blueprint: Where else did you consider?

Tom: Penn Tech.

The Blueprint: Have you visited other schools?

Tom: Yes, Triangle Tech.

The Blueprint: What made you chose this specific major?

Tom: I’ve always wanted a hands on career and diesel motors are interesting to work with.

The Blueprint: Will you continue to pursue a career in firefighting?

Tom: Yes.

The Blueprint: What do you expect from the everyday social life at WYOTech?

Tom: To make new friends and connections.