College Corner: Emily Pielmeier


Emily Pilmeir is off to college.

Briana Sisto, Staff Writer

Senior Emily Pielmier is hoping to further her education at IUP School of Culinary Arts. Emily likes to hang out with her friends and cook. She came to love cooking when she started to attend Greater Altoona Career & Technology Center (CTC) her sophomore year. She’s come to know how much she enjoys cooking and has decided to further her career as a chef. Here are some other answers we got from Emily!

The Blueprint: How many colleges did you apply to?

Emily: None.

The Blueprint: Have you visited other schools?

Emily: Yes.

The Blueprint: Where else did you consider?

Emily: Sullivan University.

The Blueprint: What made you apply to the college you’ve selected?

Emily: I didn’t.

The Blueprint: When picking your college, what made you choose that college?

Emily: The externship, I’ll be going to LA, California.

The Blueprint: What are you planning to major in?

Emily: Baking and Pastry.

The Blueprint: What made you choose this specific major?

Emily: It sounds fun, you get to do something new every day.

The Blueprint:  What job do you hope to pursue?

Emily: A chef, or a pastry chef. That would be a cool job.

The Blueprint: What did you consider being, before choosing your major?

Emily: Well, as a kid I wanted to be a dragonologist.

The Blueprint: What do you think some of the major differences between High School and College are?

Emily: The maturity, there won’t be as much drama. There can be a lot of drama at CTC.

The Blueprint: What do you expect from the everyday social life at this college?

Emily: It will be lit. There are classes in the AM and PM. I’m not a morning person so I’m hoping for PM classes.