THE POWER OF THREE: Crazy Holidays


Mikala McCracken

Here are three holidays that are strange or our of style.

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

There are some crazy holidays out there, and even some that used to be traditional seem strange by modern standards.

August 8 – National Sneak a Zucchini on Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

This one doesn’t really surprise me, especially because it was issued by someone from PA, and judging by the dumb law from here, this isn’t too outrageous. My question is, why would you want to sneak anything onto your neighbor’s porch? If you are to do something, normally it is to annoy or make them mad. I don’t see a zucchini making anyone mad.

September 19 – Talk like a Pirate Day

Out of everything someone could come up with. Sure, some people might find it entertaining to talk, or hear someone talk like a pirate, but do we really need a whole day dedicated to talking like one. I know I wouldn’t be able to hold it together hearing people walking around talking like… idiots. I would probably stay inside to avoid people, more than I do anyway.

June 14 – Flag Day

I get being patriotic and wanting to celebrate our country, but do we really need a day to celebrate our flag? I mean, we have the Fourth of July. I feel like that could kind of count as a day to celebrate an inanimate object. No offense to people who are really patriotic, but I can’t think of many people who celebrate this “holiday” to begin with.