THE POWER OF 3: Netflix TV shows


Brooke Beichler

Netflix has a ton of quality TV broadcasting, but these are three of the best.

Lordin Willliams, Staff Writer

We all love a good Netflix binge, right … just a couple of hours to lose yourself in some of the best the online video content?

Here are three of the best TV shows you can watch on Netflix.

Stranger Things

This show was at the top the first week it came out on Netflix.  Stranger Things has its mix of comedy and drama. The light-heartedness of the show also makes it a fan favorite.  A mother trying to find her missing son, of course you have teen drama, and two twelve year olds falling for each other. This sci-fi is definitely different from other movies/ TV shows that have been made before, with a girl made in a lab to “cross over” to another dimension. She also has powers we only wish we had.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

In this Netflix comedy, a young women, Kimmy Schmidt (Ellie Kemper), goes through life after being rescued from a bunker. She was thirteen when she was kidnapped, so life in 2015 would be strange to an adult with a middle school education. This show is great because it takes the topic at hand a makes a tragedy into something so comedic. From her not knowing what a cell phone is to using words that would make you cringe today. This show is one of my favorites to watch.

Haters Back Off

In “Haters Back Off”, it takes on the life of internet sensation Miranda Sings (Colleen Ballinger), a girl who thinks she can sing, and shows what goes on behind the scenes. She and her uncle go through wacky and strange events so that she can get on TV and sing. Her sister thinks Miranda is delusional and her mom thinks tricks herself into thinking she is injured and makes it worse to impress someone. It was a creative idea to take an internet star and make a show based around them.