THE POWER OF 3: Bad apocalyptic movies


Mikala McCracken

The Power of Three

Lordin Williams, Staff Writer

We have had plenty of hits in this category…and plenty movies that were a miss. We will be ruling out quality judgments if the story is a classic, and instead focusing more bad plots.


In this horrific apocalyptic catastrophe, not because of its  horror aspect, but due to the atrocity that is the movie itself. A group of people have survived a virus. This one was a miss. The movie drags on, and it takes forever for it to pick up. The group mainly just roams around the first half of the movie, looking for somewhere to stay. Definitely not one of the best in my opinion.

The Happening

Now here is a movie that has plenty of mixed reviews. Some will say it is original. Some that it is terrible. I think it is terrible. The movie was just people killing themselves due to the air, which we later find out is caused by plants. I would love to meet the mind who decided that a movie about plants letting out pheromones that cause you to go crazy was a good idea, and the people who agreed.

The Day After Tomorrow

This is probably one of the most boring movies I have watched. Sure, the idea of people trying to survive after a massive spell brought on by global warming connects to citizens in the 21st Century, but the way the filmmakers execute it isn’t good. It doesn’t have a point in the movie where it can pull you in because there are too many characters to focus on, and it ends with 10 minutes of preaching about the damaging effects of the American lifestyle. It’s supposed to be ironic … we get it.