2COOL4SCHOOL: Kali Lonsinger


Kaelynn Behrens

Kali Lonsinger is a star dancer at Andrea’s.

Mya Decker, Staff Writer

As a freshman, Kali Lonsinger has had many incredible opportunities at her dance school.

She has been dancing since age four at Andreas School of Dance. She is in her fifth year of being on the school’s company and was given a solo choreographed by former MSDC member, Colin Heininger.

“The choreography is hard, but my teacher works with me and I enjoy the dance,” said Kali.

Dancers are in the middle of competition season, and Kali’s next competition is the weekend of March 17.

Kali reported that at the last competition, “We placed first overall for our modern dance, which is a HUGE deal.”

This has been her biggest accomplishment thus far! Kali has also received a scholarship from her instructor Jocelyn Hrzic while competing at Motion (a dance convention) to dance at Grier Summer.

Kali says her favorite dance memory is the day she found out that her class would be dancing together. Currently she is in a class with Izzy Holes, Lauren Heisler, Anna Lovrich, Emily Martin, and Emily Osborne. The group has been together since they started competition and have been scoring well at competitions.

Good luck to the team this weekend as they travel to York!