2COOL4SCHOOL: Dionna Pearce


Kaelynn Behrens

Dionna Pearce is about as active as any student at Bellwood-Antis.

In this week’s installment of 2 Cool 4 School, we are featuring Dionna Pearce. This senior has TWO extracurricular activities she is involved in! What are they? Dionna participates in twirling with the Tyrone-Starlight Twirlers, and she is a Girl Scout!

Her video interview tells you a little bit able the events she recently has participated in for both activities!

Dionna has been twirling since she was 3, starting first with the Dream Twirlers. Then at age 10 she transferred to the Tyrone-Starlight Twirlers. It’s here that Dionna learned and improved tricks with two and even three batons. She has tried new tricks she never thought possible.

“At Halloween, I got to try twirling with a fire baton,” she said. And that’s not even her biggest accomplishment. Her proudest moment was when her competition team took a 1st place gold at Finals for the Independent Regional A Division.

As a Girl Scout, Dionna is heavily involved, and it seems to be in her blood. Her mother was and is a Girl Scout leader. It’s with her mother that Dionna got her start, tagging along while her mom taught other girls. She started with the rank of Daisy and is now a proud Ambassador.

“Being a Girl Scout requires you to explore new activities and learn new skills while helping others,” said  Dionna. She says she is active in volunteer work at the Bellwood library, working at the cemetery, and with the food drive.

When Dionna isn’t spending time at twirling practice or volunteering with the Girl Scouts, she volunteers at the Bellwood Firehall for their fundraisers. She is quite involved in the Bellwood community! But she does like to squeeze in some time to get her nose into a good book!

Dionna is definitely busy, motivated, and way 2 cool 4 school.