BA HISTORY 101: Honors Banquet


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The Honors Banquet is nearing its 30th year of celebration.

Twenty nine years ago Bellwood-Antis began having a banquet for honor and high-achieving students.

Principal Michael Sakash presented the Board of School Directors with an idea to honor students who achieve academic excellence in the classroom.

The idea was endorsed by the school board, and since then, the Scholars Banquet has been an annual event at BAHS. It is now more commonly known as the Honors Banquet.

To be eligible to attend the banquet in 1989, a student had to meet the requirements as a distinguished honor student or as an honor roll student. This student had to be on high honor roll at least twice and/or honor roll.

Students in grades fifth through twelfth who met these requirements received medals for their achievement. Honor roll students received a bronze medallion and distinguished high honor students received a gold medallion.

On May 14, 2018, Bellwood-Antis will host the annual Honors Banquet this year in the gym.

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The Honors Banquet was started by Principal Mike Sakash in the 1980s.