BA History 101: High School Moves to New Wing


Leah Farber, Staff Writer

This week we are looking back 29 years.

The high school building as we know it in 2018 first opened on Friday, April 28, 1989. On that day the new wing of the high school was officially opened to the students and faculty of Bellwood-Antis.

This area is now affectionately known, in the words of Mr. Mackereth, as the blue squares, for the blue colored tile on the floors.

During eighth period that day in 1989, students and teachers moved desks, chairs, and boxes in into the newly opened section of the high school.

Luckily, for the students and teachers they got to move into the new wing soon after. That following Monday, May 1, classes were held in the new classrooms, and students walked the new halls; meanwhile, teachers relaxed in the new faculty room.

Brand new rooms went to go to 11 lucky teachers: Mr. Yingling, Mr. Riley, Mr. Tate, Mr. Peterson, Mrs. Tressler, Mrs. Schunr, Miss. Nelson, Mrs. Oberle, Mr. Andrekovich, Mrs. Fisher, and Mr. Farkus. One of the new rooms was also made into a computer lab.

The configuration has remained relatively the same in the almost 30 years since, with some exceptions. The library has been remodeled into a media center, some copy rooms have been converted into faculty lounges, and another computer room has been added.

Either way, it’s still good old Bellwood-Antis.