BA HISTORY 101: European vacation


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A European vacation was on the horizon for B-A language club members in the spring of 1990.

Twenty-eight years ago this month, French Club and Spanish Club students from Bellwood-Antis traveled to and toured Europe!

Mrs. Christine Claar advised and directed 20 student and 6 chaperones to tour the common attractions of Paris, including the famous Parisian sites like the Eiffel Tower, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Napoleon’s Arc de Triomphe, and many more!

The students that were given the opportunity to attend included: Dawn Goetz, Jennifer Maillard, Jill Bender, Vicky Hite, Sherri McFalls, Damon Evans, Karl Bansell, Jane Williamson, Deb Betting, Deedee Forshey, Linette Allen, Ray Partner, Jim Focht, and Scott Gathagan.

This 10-day trip allowed students to expand their knowledge.  It offered many learning and exploring experiences.

Each day included a new variety of places to travel and culture to explore, keeping travelers busy during their stay.

Students still have opportunities like this today. Ms. Kim Trostle took students on a European tour over the summer of 2015.

There are also many other cultural experiences for students in language clubs in 2018, including French Restaurant and dinners at Mexican and French eating establishments.