Behind the Scenes: Annie Crew Members Work to Make the Play Run Smoothly


Without members of the Annie crew, incredible sets like this one would not be possible.

Almost every year the Bellwood-Antis Music Department performs musicals. For most people it is an exciting time to go and see the amazing shows that Mr. Bower and many cast members contributed to, but what about the behind the scenes crew members?

The crew has quite a lot of pressure despite the fact that many of them aren’t seen by the audience.

Justin Gunsallus, a crew member, said, “There’s a lot of pressure.  If we mess up we’re in big trouble.”

Gunsallus said one of the biggest challenges is timing: timing up the release of curtains, lighting and other details.

Some  cast members also work in the crew.

Mara Lundberg, a.k.a. Grace Farrell (a main character) said, “I don’t do it for recognition. I do it because I like spending time with Mr. Bower and everyone.”

Ellesha Gathagan, another cast member, said, “I feel like I am a part of the musical. Like Mara I don’t do it for recognition. I do it for the satisfaction of knowing I put it together. The worst part of doing it all, however, is the numerous amounts of ruined pants I have.”

Many of the cast members will go to the stage during study hall to help paint the sets and bring in props if any are needed. Gunsallus and many other men help to open the curtain, run the spotlights, move the sets, and stage the scenes.