Up Close and Personal with Tim Mercer


Jacob Mercer

Officer Tim Mercer showing off his uniform at BAMS.

We had the chance to catch up with Tim Mercer, one of our security officers, and talk to him about his new position in our school district. Here’s what Officer Mercer had to share with us about joining the B-A staff:

Question: What is your favorite part about being at Bellwood?

Officer Mercer: Spending time with the students and keeping them safe.

Question: What influenced you to become a policeman?

Officer Mercer: I have always wanted to do a job that I could help others. When I was little I watched a State Trooper handle an incident very professionally and from that day on I wanted to be a State Trooper when I grew up.

Question: What is your favorite part about being an officer?

Officer Mercer: Being able to help people during their time in need and to help make our community a safer place to live.

Question: What is the most interesting thing you have ever had to do?

Officer Mercer: There have been many interesting assignments. Probably the most challenging has been to investigate homicides.

Question: Would you rather be working at B-A or out in the field?

Officer Mercer: I enjoy both, but right now I am enjoying learning more about the school and helping to improve the safety of our students.

As you can see, Officer Mercer has been a great addition to the B-A schools.

Stay tuned for an interview with Jeff Hanna, the other BASD security officer…