Mini-THON committee plans first fundraiser


Mya Decker

The mini-THON committee is trying to raise $15,000 this year.

Mason Yingling, Staff Writer

“Stall Day” is coming up Wednesday on October 24 during first period.

Stall Day is when kids bring in tons of change to their first period teacher, and the period cannot start until the teacher counts all of the change the students have brought in.

This event helps raise money for  mini-THON.

Last year students raised over $1,000 on stall day to help  mini-THON’s fundraising total, which ended up reaching over $12,000.

“We hope this year is as successful as last.  Our fundraising goal is $15,000, so we need more students to become involved and help us meet our goal,” said THON advisor Mr. Matthew McNaul.  “We also plan on scheduling two stall days so students who are not involved this time can take advantage of the next one”

Stall Day is only one event of many leading up to mini-THON that will raise money for kids with cancer.  The staff is planning on canning at football games and other sporting events, restaurant nights where a portion of the bill will go towards the cause, and a Gardner’s candy fundraising sale.

“This year I think definitely we can reach close to $15,000” said fundraising chair Alivia Jacobs.

mini-THON is dated to be on March 1, 2019.

“It is going to be another fun event and hopefully we will meet our goals and continue to raise money for kids with cancer,” said Alivia.