HOLIDAY-ISH: National Deviled Egg Day


A true deviled egg connoisseur, Hannah Wicks is excited for National Deviled Eggs day.

It’s National Deviled Egg Day, and I couldn’t be more excited!!!

Take this day to enjoy the pure artistry that goes into preparing these chicken babies. In order to properly boil an egg, one must pay close attention to them. It is easy to mess up. And to get the filling to be absolutely perfect takes immense skill. That’s hard work, people!


Listen up. Deviled eggs are, hands down, the BEST way to prepare eggs. Absolutely delicious. Anytime I go to a family function or party, I go straight to those little devils and devour six of them. Pop ‘em in whole (there’s no better way to go about eating them).

Now, a lot of people may find deviled eggs disgusting. To those people I say, “Uhhhh, you’re so very wrong, my friend.” From one bite of a deviled egg and one bite of any other type of egg it is easy to identify which one is the superior egg.

So, please, celebrate this glorious holiday. Go, be free, and eat those deviled eggs!

Or you could save them all for me… that sounds like a good idea. Yeah. Do that!