National Microwave Oven Day


Celebrate National Microwave Oven Day by heating up some leftovers.

It’s always important to set aside some time to recognize all of those faithful appliances that you have in your kitchen. These appliances have put up with you without complaining and it’s definitely time to start repaying them.

Today, December 6, 2018,  is the perfect day to get started in appreciating your noble kitchen utilities, today is National Microwave Oven Day.

I would like to just take a second to think about where our world would be if the first microwave oven had not been invented in 1945. Well first of all, we would have to preheat the oven every single time we wanted warm food. I wouldn’t be able to have soggy leftover pizza in just seconds. I guess you could say the microwave has definitely come to my rescue many times.

There’s also the great debate on twitter between the Americans and the Brits about using the microwave to heat up your water for tea. I mean if the microwave can do what the stove can do in less time, then why not save time? I mean Americans are known for their lack of patience so why not prove other countries right by heating up our water for tea in the microwave?

It’s very easy to properly observe this holiday: just heat up your gross leftovers in your cute little microwave today and post a picture on social media with the hashtag #nationalMicrowaveOvenDay