Artist of the Week: Shalee Bennett


Courtesy photo

Shalee Bennett finds sculpting to be a soothing activity.

Jestelynn Heaton, Staff Writer

This week’s Artist of the Week is senior Shalee Bennett. Shalee has been involved in the fine arts since before she could walk.  

According to Shalee, sculpting is the best form of art.  

“Something about the clay just soothes me,” Bennett said when asked about sculpting.  

To Shalee, art is calming, and she likes to see what she can accomplish. Rather than improve her skills, Bennett just purely does art for enjoyment.  

“Shalee’s sculpture has captivated us all in the art room.\,” said art teacher Mrs. Leah McNaul. “The small details in the face and draping of the fabric are so well done. What impresses me the most is how independently she worked without help from myself or her peers. She may have found her decipline in art that she really excels at.”

Shalee plans on painting and sculpting after high school for fun.  

“I would like to do art for the rest of my life. It would become a lifelong hobby of mine,” said Shalee.