Artist of the Week: Tylar Clemente


Hope Shook

Tylar Clemente wouldn’t mind having a job in special effects make-up someday.

Jestelynn Heaton, Staff Writer

This week’s artist of the week is senior Tylar Clemente.

Tylar’s favorite medium is acrylic paint on canvas. She also loves to draw portraits, abstract art and special effects makeup. Tylar became interested in the arts because her mom and her sister were artistic, but she discovered she was good at the arts when she had to take an art class in middle school.

Turns out Tylar doesn’t like to draw unless she is showing off her skills because she knows her art will turn out good. She used to draw in all of her free time, which is how she got so good at drawing. Now she’s looking for another artistic challenge, which is why she took art class this year, in a hope to discover a new form of art she loves while improving her skills on realistic paintings.

After high school, Tylar plans on going to Edinboro University for studio arts. She hopes to get a bachelors in Fine Arts and become an art professor. She said she would not be happy doing any job that wasn’t art.

With her love for special effects makeup, Tylar wants to continue gory special effects makeup as a hobby or a seasonal job.