Artist of the week: Gabriella Finn


Kaelynn Behrens

Gabriella Finn is enjoying helping others through Home Ec. Club.

Jestelynn Heaton, Staff Writer

This week’s artist of the week is sophomore Gabriella Finn. Gabriella is in the Bellwood-Antis Home economics Club. 

Gabriella prefers to cook rather than sew because it is more enjoyable to her and it makes her happy. She is experienced in the kitchen. Gabreilla has made several different foods at her house. She prefers to cook Italian and American, but her favorite thing to cook is Carbonara.  

“From this club, I hope to get joy out of it knowing I am helping others,” said Gabriella.  

She also said she would rather get joy out of it instead of increasing her skills.  

“I am in this club because I love to cook and help others,” Finn said. 

Throughout the year so far, Gabriella’s favorite part about the club is baking goods for different events.