HOLIDAY-ISH: National Apricot Day


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Come learn the importance of the wonderful apricot.

It’s National Apricot Day. Apricot Day. Apricot. A-P-R-I-C-O-T.

What even is an apricot? Oh, that’s right, a fruit that no one ever eats. I have never ever seen anyone actually eat an apricot in my life. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen an apricot in real life. It’s almost like they don’t exist.

My only memory of these mystical fruits is from Disney Channel’s miniseries “TTI”  also known as “The Time I…”

This show was all about kids doing or learning new and exciting things. The episodes included “The Time I Cartwheeled Across The Country” and Bella Thorne’s famous “The Time I Learned I Had Dyslexia.” Both very exciting sounding, but then there was “The Time I Harvested Fruit and Made a Desert.”


This riveting story was about a young girl harvesting some fruit and making a desert. It wasn’t just any fruit, though. IT WAS APRICOTS.

Having never heard of an apricot before (just like the girl in the show) I was very confused. Also, because this has been my only experience with these bad boys, all of my knowledge of apricots comes from the words of this prepubescent girl.

Thanks to her I now know that apricots are almost like peaches with their fuzzy skins, BUT they are harder and much more tart in taste. I also learned some kitchen safety, but that’s not important here.

So, thank you Disney for teaching me of this fruit, but I still refuse to eat one.

Apricots, man. Who eats ‘em?

Happy National Apricot Day.