Just Juniors: Hunter Kustaborder


Mr. Stewart tries his best to get Hunter to crack a smile, but it’s not working.

You might have seen Hunter Kustaborder around the school, but do you really know him? Hunter always has a smile on his face. Hunter is very friendly and will tell you anything you want to know. Mr. Stewart, one of Hunter’s teachers says, “Everybody loves Hunter! He’s just a great guy!”

Classmate Zach Coccia says, “Hunter is fun and enjoyable to be around.”


Here are Hunter’s answers to a few questions he was asked by the BluePrint.


Blue Print: What are you looking forward to about your senior year?

Hunter: I cannot wait to graduate! I’m looking forward to have my graduation party at Delgrosso’s .


Blue Print: If you could retake any class at BA, what would it be and why?

Hunter: None, because I wouldn’t want to retake any.


Blue Print: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hunter: I’ll be an adult, I can do whatever I would like to.


Blue Print: What is your favorite movie?

Hunter: Anything about trains.


Blue Print: What is your favorite book?

Hunter: Any book about trains.


Blue Print: What is your favorite class?

Hunter: I like math, because of the numbers.


Blue Print: What is your favorite B-A school lunch?

Hunter: I like the chicken nuggets!


Blue Print: What is your IPod right now?

Hunter: I have pictures and videos on my IPod.