BA HISTORY 101: cafeteria strike


Thirty years ago B-A students organized a school-wide boycott of the punch program.

Hailee McConnell , Staff Writer

You often hear people complain about school lunches now.

When people gripe about lunches today, they don’t really complain about the price. Instead they complain about the selection.

On top of that, no one does anything about it now. 

According to the Hylite, the forerunner of the BluePrint, back in 1990 all Bellwood-Antis students actually stopped eating lunch. According to Mr. Nick Lovrich, who was a junior at the time, students boycotted lunch. Everyone packed their own lunch for a week.

The reason was because during that time all school lunches were increased 15 cents each.

 The price of milk was also sold separately for 5 cents. The price increase took place March 1st 1990.

Lunch prices now are even more expensive, starting at $3.