BA HISTORY 101: Mascot Controversy


Hailee Mcconnell

Twenty years ago, B-A moved to standardize the Blue Devil logo.

Bellwood-Antis is in the middle of a standardization process in 2019-2020. The district has brought in Modern Teacher to help align curriculum across grade levels. 

Standardization is nothing new. 

 About 20 years ago the B-A community initially thought a debate had broken out over whether or not the Blue Devil was an appropriate symbol to be displayed on the sign. According to reports in the Hylite, several board members were concerned because they felt that the Blue Devil was more athletically related and that maybe other images such as the Bellwood Crest or the B-A logo might be better suited for representing all school programs.

Another underlying issue was then brought up in regards to the Blue Devil itself. School board members questioned which mascot logo would appear on a new sign being built at the entrance to the high school. Apparently different teams and groups were using different devil mascots as their logo.

“The mascot logo at Bellwood-Antis isn’t standardized. Everyday picks their own Devil to be used on things,” confirmed Dr. Kuhns, “but some Blue Devils look more sinister than others.”

At the next meeting, the school board members discussed their options and a 5-4 vote ensured that the Blue Devil logo used on calendars would in fact be displayed on the sign.

Changing the mascot was not even an issue in this debate. 

Facts were misconstrued and clarification was needed. The debate was about changing the mascot but only to make them all the same.