COLLEGE CORNER: Olivia Musselman


Corbin Nale

Olivia Musselman is headed to Clarion University.

Mara Bollinger, Staff Writer

One thing that people like about Bellwood-Antis is that it is a small school, which leaves room for a lot of opportunities for everyone individually. 

Taat atmosphere is what led Olivia Musselman to Clarion University.

“Clarion is a college where you’re not just another number,” said Olivia.

Clarion is a State System of Higher Education school similar to Bellwood: the classes are not too large, but not too small either. It is also just a short drive away, so the distance played a big role in attracting Olivia to Clarion. 

Olivia plans on pursuing a career in nursing. After college Olivia would like to work for a year or two as an RN, then go back to school to become a CRNP.

After that Olivia’s not sure what lies ahead of her, but she’s hoping she will find a good hospital to work at. 

College has always been a main focus for Olivia, who said, “Ever since I was little college was always talked about.”

She said it’s important for her to set goals for herself. Olivia strives to work hard in all of her classes and have fun and let loose a little bit, because sometimes the stress gets to her.

Who better to help you achieve your goals than your parents? Olivia said her parents have motivated her every step of the way, whether is was just simply setting an example or staying up late to help her with homework.