This or That: Thanksgiving Edition


Kate Heisler

Karley’s favorite thing to do during on Thanksgiving is to hang out with her family.

We took some time to talk with Karley Dickinson about some of her Thanksgiving season favorites. Keep reading to learn more about what she had to say.

Q: Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade or Football game?

A: Macy’s Day Thanksgiving Parade.

Q: Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

A: Back Friday.

Q: Pumpkin pie or apple pie?

A: Pumpkin pie.

Q: Turkey or ham?

A: Turkey.

Q: Rolls or biscuits?

A: Rolls.

Q:  Cranberry sauce or gravy?

A: Gravy.

Q: Stuffing or mashed potatoes?

A: Mashed potatoes.

Q: Thanksgiving at home or at a friend’s/family’s house?

A: Thanksgiving at home.

Q: Green beans or carrots?

A: Green beans.

That’s it for Karley’s favorite Thanksgiving items and activities. Thank you for tuning in for another edition of This or That! Stay tuned for more articles coming soon…