Money Minute: It’s the most… spending time of the year.


Lori Erickson

Money Minute with Jackson Boyer.

Corporate America has done a beautiful job of glamorizing the holiday season, and enticing people to spend hard earned money on overpriced items.  

Although the merits of Christmas are not a topic of this article, that fact is that the season has become greatly commercialized.  It is critical not to fall into this trap, and to realize that getting small, reasonable gifts is better than blowing everything you made over the summer just because “Tis the season.” 

This Christmas, it is projected that consumers will spend around $900 each.  Teens with their part time jobs cannot afford to spend this amount. They simply cannot afford it!

Keep in mind the goal of saving, and that if you save more you will be able to do more.  Family members will be understanding if you do not spend lavishly on them, because you have expensive things coming up.  

You can get great gifts by shopping deals or opting to do homemade items.  All in all, it is about the thought behind the gift not the value it carries. 

So let Christmas time be the “Most wonderful time of the year” and spend reasonably rather than making it the “Most money spending time of the year.”