Gracie Rice

Gracie Rice discusses diet and women in weight lifting in this week’s blog.

Welcome back to, Chalked Up. Todays blog is all about meet week. This weekend, we’ll be competing at Pittsburgh Barbell.

Some things we don’t do during meet week are; we never max out since you will most likely max out or come close too it when you compete, we don’t change any usual eating habits, and lastly we wear what we wear in training at the meet until we take our first attempt. You never want to change any usual habits the week of a meet just in case it’d mess you up when its time to compete.

As for training, we have singles at semi-heavy weights, light powers, and pulls. Personally, I love meet week because of the heavier weights for singles and the powers at lighter weights. I think the lighter weights help to prepare while also making sure your hitting them and not causing any extra nerves.

For new lifters and old, the week of a meet is always nerve racking. I’ve had times where I’ve missed weights that I’ve been lifting since I started. I always get anxious when I miss in practice but always end up doing well in the meet.

We’ve been preparing for awhile now, and in Fred’s words, now it’s time to, “Slam bars and hit PRs.”

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