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Emily Wagner

Mr. Naylor and the BluePrint staff want you … to follow the BluePrint on social media.

Tessa Albert, Staff Writer

The B-A Blue print wants YOU to follow us on social media!

Who would have thought that your school would want you to follow them on a social media, right?

Well, the B-A BluePrint is pushing the boundaries.  We want YOU to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Why should you follow us? The BA BluePrint keeps up with the things happening in our community.  Everything from live football updates to scores from out-of-town games.

The BluePrint encourages you to follow us on Fridays! We post highlights of the football games and scores along with spectacular game photographs from talented staff photographer Emily Wagner.

BluePrint advisor Mr. Naylor said, “Our newspaper’s presence in social media is something that’s very important to our success. With our new online vehicle, we are able to share stories and school happenings through outlets like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. We would like to reach as much of the B-A community and beyond as possible, so we want likes, shares, favorites, and retweets.”

The BluePrint is approaching 300 likes on Fracebook and has 180 followers on Twitter.  The Instagram account was just activated this school year, but already it has 75 followers.

Help us spread the news about all the exciting events going on in our community!

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