Game On: Minecraft


A long time ago, back in the age of 2010, a young stud bothered his mom to let him buy a new fancy game on the computer, from an indie developer called Notch. And who knew that this small title called Minecraft would be the behemoth it is today. 

If you don’t know what Minecraft is, you are either too old to be into the internet, or live under a rock. Minecraft is the most recognizable game next to Mario and Tetris. This game has so much to do. You can build, and mine, and craft, Okay I swear there is more to do, but those are the main three. You can craft a pickaxe and go mining for diamonds. You could craft a sword and shield and fight your friends. Maybe you prefer to go in creative and be a god of a world, or smite it down with TNT, your choice really. 

Minecraft is a game known for its flexibility, wanna download a world and hop around and do really difficult jumps, go ahead. Wanna destroy 13 year old kids that just bought the game for Christmas in an online server, have fun! There is no one way to play Minecraft, everyone has their own style to playing this beauty of a game. 

When you load up minecraft for the first time, and want to play alone, there are 3 options: survival, creative, and hardcore. Survival and hardcore are the closest two options. In survival, you have to build a house and survive everyday, not complicated, but it’s relaxing and entertaining. Hardcore is scary, cause unlike survival, you can’t die in hardcore or else you can’t play the world anymore, and the difficulty is locked to hard.

Creative mode differs a lot from the other two game modes, by not being about surviving, but rather building anything you want to. You could build a fully functioning calculator, or the Empire State Building, or a TNT cannon, that’s fun too. I’m not a big fan of playing creative mode, but a lot of cool ideas come out of it so I still appreciate it being there.

Minecraft is a game that’s difficult to explain why it’s fun with words, because the experiences of the game are what make it so great. Whether it’s the first time a creeper walked up behind you and caught you by surprise, or barely surviving a fall with half a heart. But Minecraft is a good game, there are obviously flaws with the game, like how the game doesn’t guide you a lot, which used to be not at all. But the magic of the game is figuring things out, finding better equipment, toying around with redstone, and anything else you want to explore, do it. Even beating the “final boss” of the game, isn’t the end, just another task complete on the list. So Minecraft’s rating is a 10/10, while no game is perfect, this game is close enough.