Caroline Nagle

Halee Cassidy has shined in the arts at B-A for years.

Rorie Wolf, Staff Writer

Halee Cassidy is a senior whose life is ruled by her passion for music.

“I plan my days based on practices/performances as well as how much homework I have on a given day,” the B-A senior said. 

Halee has many artistic abilities to offer. She is interested in music and art. She also participates in many honors courses in school.

Halee Cassidy is the BluePrint’s Artist of the Week. 

She has to try to have a balance between school and practices. Which she seems to have an amazing outlook on.   

“My inspiration has probably been my friends. Band is something we have done together and it helps us push ourselves to be the best that we can be,” said Halee.

Halee has had many achievements over the years and continues to keep up the hard work. 

Halee has had a passion for band ever since the fourth grade. She has improved her skill for over 9 years, and continues to pursue these passions.