Corbin Nale

Joyce Zheng is a standout in the band.

Joyce Zheng is the BluePrint’s Artist of the Week.

Joyce plays clarinet and tenor saxophone in the high school band. She can also play the bass clarinet, the alto saxophone, and a little bit of baritone.

Joyce loves learning new music and playing music with her friends. She started music at the age of 9.

“I didn’t have a specific reason for joining, but concert band was available for 4th grade, so I signed up,” she said.

“Joyce is one of the most disciplined and organized students I’ve ever worked with,” said band director Mr. Patrick Sachse. “She has always been a reliable clarinet player, and lately has been excelling at the saxophone as well. She sets a great example for younger members!”

Joyce is involved in Art club, Spanish club, and NHS. She does track & field and cross-country. In her free time Joyce likes to play instruments, listens to music, and draw.