How much will not having a homecoming game affect the court?


Zach Miller

B-A will crown a Homecoming queen this year, but it will do so without a football game due to a COVID cancellation.

Caroline Nagle , Staff Writer

COVID-19 has already disrupted Homecoming festivities scheduled for Friday night, affecting not only the football players, cheerleaders, and band members from getting their last regular season home game, but leaving the question of when and how will the Homecoming queen be crowned?

In past years, the Homecoming queen has been crowned during halftime of the game following a  featuring all Homecoming court members and their escorts; however, in light of Mount Union’s COVID-19 case which led to the cancellation of the game this week, parts of the 0ceremony will go on, with no game being played.

I am disappointed that there is no game, but I know we’ll make the best of it no matter what we do.”

— Sicily Yingling

“There will still be a parade, the girls will still get their moment to walk across the field and be crowned. There just will not be a game,” said Ms. Carrie Clippard, one of the advisors of Renaissance, which hosts the annual Homecoming festivities. “It is disappointing, but we planned this with an open hand and we knew anything could change at any time. We’re just rolling with the punches and still hope to give the girls a special night, despite the circumstances.”

The girls on the court are also trying to keep a positive outlook, despite their disappointment.

“I am disappointed that there is no game, but I know we’ll make the best of it no matter what we do. Ensuring everyone’s health and safety is more important right now,” homecoming court nominee Sicily Yingling said.

Homecoming as a whole has been very different this year. There are other activities that the girls have looked forward to that haven’t happened, like skit night.

“It stinks and I am disappointed since we’ve already missed so much of the usual Homecoming experience, but I know we will still do something fun to commemorate this exciting time,” Danish said.

Usually, when you think of Homecoming, you think of football. However, despite  the upsetting news for football fans throughout Bellwood, Coach  Lovrich thinks it might make the night even more special for the girls.

“In past years, football is the main highlight of the night and homecoming is just something that happens during halftime. This year, the spotlight will be on the girls completely and it will be their night. It’s definitely not ideal, but the football team will still hopefully be involved in some way to make the night special for the girls,” Mr. Lovrich explained.