Andrew Cuomo deserves punishment


NYP online image

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has come under fire for his handling of his state’s nursing homes during the early months of the pandemic.

Andrew Cuomo has done many horrible things during the Covid pandemic. He is personally responsible for thousands of deaths. He negligently killed and maliciously covered up his own actions. These things must not go unpunished lest it become acceptable. 

The New York Governor ordered those infected with Covid into Nursing Homes. These people were not of the age to be in nursing homes, they were young. Now some may say that he had no choice, but he had many clear options. Firstly, then President Trump had sent a Navy medical ship to help house this infected. What’s more, at the time, the Javit Center, a large convention center being used as an emergency hospital in New York City, was only at 30 percent capacity. 

There was plenty of room for sick people to be housed, but instead of using these resources Governor Cuomo chose a different course of action. He willfully and knowingly put young sick people into nursing homes. Andrew Cuomo exposed the elderly, one of the most vulnerable groups, to a disease that could very well kill them for seemingly no reason. Many people knew this was happening and were rightfully upset about it. Despite this he still won an Emmy for his daily COVID press conferences. This was done and many refused to call out this horrid action because many feared that if this was spread through the media it might help the then President Trump win reelection. 

These actions did not go without notice, however. A federal investigation was opened into New York and other states that had similar nonsensical orders. When this happened Governor Cuomo ordered the data involving the deaths covered up. He ordered data delayed to try to avoid repercussions. Many are now rightfully criticizing the man for his decision and his subsequent cover up. When pressed for answers he responded callously by saying, “But who cares — 33 [percent], 29 [percent] — died in the hospital, died in a nursing home? They died.” Not only did he cover up what he did, but he feels no remorse for having killed those thousands of people. 

The question remains as to why he did this. Some speculation includes trying to increase federal assistance to help the state that is failing due to his policies. Others think he wanted these people dead to reduce cost on the state; New York pays for nursing homes. No matter the reason he must be held accountable for his horrible actions. 

Several states enacted similar orders. These states are New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. They caused so much death and suffering that it is impossible to overlook. These governors have caused the death of tens of thousands of people for no reason and must be held accountable.