Biden administration unable to contain crisis


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The US continues to deal with an influx of migrants, even as the Biden administration settles in.

There are currently several crises going on in the US. One of the most important one is the migrant crisis. The Biden Administration took over and was soon overwhelmed with a migrant crisis at the border due to their policies and promises. It is one of the worst migrant crises in recent years and has been dealt with horribly. 

The migrant crisis the US is currently facing has seen many people trying to enter the United States illegally. This can be very dangerous, both in the physical sense and the economic sense. We must check people who come into the country to avoid having criminals and malcontents enter the country. In the economic sense, illegal immigrants are being exploited for cheap labor and to avoid worker safety standards and rights. This crisis has seen almost 200,000 illegal immigrants reportedly apprehended trying to enter the country in February and March. This is concerning as numbers tend to go up in the spring and summer. 

There are many reasons for this crisis. First and foremost, it has been caused by the new administration. The Trump administration saw a similar crisis in 2019 and dealt with it with strong policies and policing the border. This set up a system to deal with a crisis like this. The Biden administration overhauled these programs. They stopped the construction of the border wall, got rid of the stay in Mexico policy, and promised to have a moratorium on deportations for the first 100 days of the administration. These things have led to massive migrations of people, some groups wearing “Biden Let Us In” shirts. When interviewed, many illegal immigrants have stated they came into the US because of the Biden administration and would not have under the previous administration. 

While the Biden administration’s policies and rhetoric have caused the crisis they have only made it worse. They have made the most hypocritical move possible. The Obama-Biden administration set up the so-called kids in cages policies and facilities. The Democrats blamed Trump for this, Biden spoke out against it, Kamala Harris protested outside one of those facilities. Trump ended up closing many of these facilities, but the Biden administration has reopened these all so evil buildings. These buildings are being used to detain children in horrible conditions. These facilities might be necessary, but Biden and the Democrats ran on how evil these sites were. What’s more, the Biden administration has disallowed media access to these facilities and put a hush order on the ICE agents in order to hide the true nature of the emergency. While they keep these kids in cages, as they put it, the administration is releasing others. They released more than 100 covid-19 positive illegal immigrants into the US. The administration has also distributed $86,000,000 to pay for hotel rooms in order to release illegal immigrant families within 72 hours. In the midst of this crisis he caused, Biden will no longer even be in charge of the crisis. He is sloughing it off to the Vice President, Kamala Harris, who has been also taking calls from foreign leaders and taking over other presidential responsibilities. Biden is giving control of the crisis to the person who literally laughed at the crisis and the suffering going on because of it. 

Overall the migrant crisis the US is facing is getting really bad and is not being helped by the current administration. In fact, it was caused and is being much worsened by the irresponsible and senseless actions of the Biden administration. There is no end in sight as the President continues to make blunder after blunder.