Georgia boycott and voting law


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Many businesses are leaving Georgia in protest of new voting laws.

There has been some controversy surrounding Georgia recently. The state has passed new voting laws. This has caused unjustified outrage by many partisans and those who wish to gain power. The outrage has caused boycotts of the state, including the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, that have even been supported by the sitting US president. These things make no sense whatsoever and the arguments behind them are based on falsehoods. 

The new Georgia law makes many changes to the voting system of the state. Firstly, it opens early in person voting for at least 17 days prior to Election Day. It also includes two Saturday’s that must be open and the option for Sundays to be open for voting. Secondly, it opens mail in voting. This provision allows people to receive mail in ballots upon request. They can then vote by mail with there also being required at least one dropbox per county. The new law does however prohibit food and drink being served at polling places. There will be self-serve water stations though. The biggest complaint from the left is the inclusion of voter ID requirements for all forms of voting. An ID is required for in person voting and the number from your license or a photocopy of another eligible ID format are required when submitting a mail in ballot. 

The arguments against the law make no sense. The primary argument is over voter ID requirements in the law. Opponents of the provision argue that it disenfranchises minority voters. This argument is completely racist. Is the argument seriously that minorities can not get an ID? That is ludicrous. People need an ID for literally everything. One needs an ID to buy alcohol, gamble, buy a gun, drive, board a plane, and many, many more things. Everyone needs some form of ID, so the argument makes no sense whatsoever. The rest of the law is actually a large compromise. The left has argued for mail in and early voting and this new law provides these things. 

Despite the nonsense that is the arguments against the Georgia voting law there have been boycotts against the law. These have been supported by the sitting US President, Joe Biden. One of the biggest boycotts involves Major League Baseball pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. These boycotts only stand to hurt the population of the state. The All-Star Game brings a full week of business to the hotels and restaurants of the area. It significantly helps the economy. It is due to this that the act itself is egregious and the President supporting is unthinkable. It amounts to the President encouraging actions to ruin a state. What’s more is the argument against the law, despite false, can be made against the boycott. Opponents think the law hurts minorities, but Atlanta is majority Black. This means that pulling the All-Star Game out of Atlanta primarily hurts the minority community of the state. The boycotts and the President’s support of them are clearly a bad thing. The fact that this is happening shows the ever growing division in the country, being pressed ever further primarily by one side of the argument. 

Overall the boycott of Georgia because of its new election law is based on false arguments that generally make no sense and are an incredibly bad thing for the minority community those who are carrying them out purport to defend. The discussion over this law might be useful, but the false facts that are pushing opponents to such extremes have no place in these arguments. These falsehoods and boycotts are a horrid thing. With all this, are they

illegal? No. Should these things be illegal? No. Are these things immoral? With a shadow of a doubt, yes. It is all just a ploy for power.