Featured spotlight: Allison Kendall


Rorie Wolf

Allison Kendall is preparing to move to senior high.

Allison is in 8th grade and is looking forward to moving up to the high school.

Whiles she’s enjoyed her years in the middle school she’s ready for a new start. Her overall favorite memory from being in the middle school is messing with Mr. Hughes in study halls.

One thing that she feels will be different from middle to high school is the grades will matter more. One thing she’s most excited for is the freedom that she will have in the high school compared to in the middle school.

She’s looking forward to all the extra curricular activities that the high school has to offer. The biggest thing she’s nervous for is the difficulty of the classes. But, overall she doesn’t have anything in particular she’s going to miss about the middle school.

Allison is very excited to start her new beginnings and have many different high school experiences.