Artist of the week: Blake DeArmitt

Blake DeArmitt is an exceptional leader who is very musically inclined.

When he was only in fourth grade, Blake was asked by band director Mr. Patrick Sachse to take on the role of “unofficial section leader” to help other students.

On top of that, Blake is an exceptional musician, playing the trumpet. If it weren’t for all the social distancing restrictions B-A and all school experienced in 2020-2021, he would have had the opportunity to perform with the high school band in this year’s concert.

Blake has also been playing piano for over a year, almost two. Along with that, he plays the guitar, and a little bit of percussion. His biggest influence was his great grandfather, and staff sergeant Robert Beranik- Private music instructor.

Music has been a positive influence on his life because it has helped him with his stage fright and overcoming other fears.

“He constantly plays with great technical proficiency, but also with a great warmth to his tone. All he has to do is continue the work he’s put in, and he’ll have a lifetime of great musical opportunities ahead of him,” said Mr. Sachse.