College Corner: Estright considers Penn State and Penn State-Altoona


Penn State is definitely in the future plans of senior Emily Estright, who could be heading to University Park or Altoona Campus next fall.

In the spring of 1939, a citizen’s committee led by Altoona Chamber of Commerce Chairman J.E Holtzinger convinced Ralph D. Hetzel, president of the Pennsylvania State College, to support an undergraduate center in Altoona.  On September 13, 1939, the Altoona undergraduate center opened in the Webster Grade School Building in the downtown Altoona.

Thus began Penn State’s Altoona campus.

At Penn State-Altoona, you’ll find a small, secluded college with the name of a major university. Its goal is to help reach your goals – educational, personal, and professional. Small classes and excellent support systems enable students to reach their fullest potential.

It allows for a comprehensive learning experience while combing the high standards of a major research University. With the third largest enrollment of the 24 locations making up the Pennsylvania State University, it is a full-service, four year residential campus located less than 45 miles from the research campus at University Park.

There are 17 varsity athletic teams. There are a total of 3,861 students attend the campus. There are a total of 607 faculty and staff.

Senior Emily Estright comes from a Penn State family, and she may attend Penn State-Altoona.  She is also looking into attending Penn State’s main campus at University Park, where she recently visited.

What made you so interested about going to Penn State University?

My brother, Tyler, went there and loved it. Also, I went to my first Penn State football when I was seven, and I loved it and it changed my life. I knew I wanted to be involved with an atmosphere like that.

What will you major in?

Communications, specializing Public Relations.

Did you go to the main campus and look around? What was it like?

Yes, it was big and beautiful. Innovation Park, the communication’s building, was so big and had the latest equipment.

Do you think it offers a good education for your career?

Yes, Penn State has a prestigious communications program, recognized around the world. I think it will really prepare me for my career.

Did you meet any of the faculty and staff members? How are they?

I met the dean for the college of Communications, Marie Hardin. She was very personable and passionate about communications. I also met Steve Kraycik, who is the director of student television and online options. He runs their national-title winning news program. He was friendly and important sounding. I also met former graduate and current student in my field. They were very enthusiastic and made me feel good about my decision.