National Eat A Hoagie Day


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The view from the dining counter at Powerhouse Subs in Tyrone.

Is it a hero or a sub? Is it a grinder or a hoagie? For a nationally loved food item to many, the identification of the famous sandwich is a hot debate.

National Eat a Hoagie day on September 14 promotes a sandwich known as a grinder, a sub, hoagie, or to some a hero, depending on where you live. Hoagies consists of meats, cheeses, vegetables, seasonings, on a roll of Italian, French or any of preference. Originating form Philadelphia during world war two. There are a plethora of hoagie places. Some prefer their local town providers while some prefer their chain providers.

Members of the BA BluePrint shared their opinions on the best places to get hoagies locally and the conversation became quite heated at times. Housers Subs on the north side of Bellwood was the most preferred out of the local Bellwood stores. OIP in Tyrone was also a well liked place, along with Macs and East End. Power House was in the conversation, as well.

Among the chain restaurants, Sheetz for their MTO’s, Jersey Mikes, and Subway were judged  Mr. Naylor says Bellwood’s Housers hoagies is the best local place to get hoagies, but he as well as others form the blue print say they could always go for a good subway hoagie.

This is one of those unique holidays that celebrates the glory of an amazing creation. Any eating experience is made better with a sub. Imagine,  a day at the lake with a picnic featuring hoagies and Lays chips, or any kind of chips, for that matter, because that’s just how versatile hoagies are. Just one piece can be a snack. A six-inch could be a meal. You can have them served hot or cold. Toppings are endless.

So no matter what you call them, just sit back and thank God you were born in America during a time of revolutionary genius for this hearty sandwich.